Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spotlight Urban Fantasy Novelette - Only Echoes Remain

Only Echoes Remain
by A. J. Kalliver
4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Urban Fantasy

The world has changed, and Isa is just an ordinary girl.

Decades ago magic came into the world, redefining what man thought of as ‘reality’, and Isa is just an ordinary girl.

Strange creatures, and beings once thought to be myth are abroad, in the wilds and in the largest of cities… and Isa is just an ordinary girl.

Isa is ordinary because she has to be.
The changes that have taken place have left many people frightened, and frightened people tend to lash out at the things they fear. For a girl who may or may not be even remotely human (though she will admit to being annoyingly cute), a low profile is essential. And profiles don’t get much lower than living in a cardboard box, on the streets of Chicago.
All she wants is to be left alone, but the world hasn’t changed that much.

No one ever gets what they want just by wanting it, and someone is always looking to use you for their own ends.

Quotes from Reviews:

Tightly Written, Excellent World building

In a time when the work of so many first-time authors still has the cling of not-quite-fully-edited writer's workshop prose, this first work by AJ Kalliver stands out as a tightly written and well thought out powerhouse.

This story was definitely worth the money. I found myself asking questions as I read, hoping that the answers were to be found later. I wasn't disappointed. After reading the first paragraph, I was hooked. Told in first person, 'Only Echoes Remain' is a terrific look into the life of a powerful person who immediately made me want to know more about her. Definitely a must read!

The pace was quick and the characters were fully formed in the context of the story.

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