Monday, June 25, 2012

Spotlight Supernatural Mystery - The Light Bringer

The Light Bringer
 by Chris DiGiuseppi
 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon
 Supernatural Mystery

When Police Sergeant Alan Crane is on duty, who he "Protects and Serves" reaches far beyond the world of the living . . . 

Sixteen people will die on Police Officer Alan Crane's watch. But while tragic and untimely death is no stranger to the jaded ex-Marine, his new-found supernatural ability to lead these people to their spiritual fates sends him on a sensational and scary saga that will ultimately answer: Why these sixteen? What do they have in common? And why has Alan been chosen to bring them to the light?


COPS meets The Ghost Whisperer in this mysterious story about sixteen lives inexplicably and suddenly extinguished and the man chosen to be their Light Bringer. 

"Superb! The Light Bringer displays an outstanding supernatural adventure that will pull you into a world beyond life itself and make you wonder if it's really a work of fiction. A chilling movement across the threshold that separates this world and the next, The Light Bringer bridges the gap between the light and darkness, goodness and evil that exist in this world and our life beyond."

Chapters are quick, characters are relatable, and you will quickly find yourself feeling invested in this story. This is a great first novel from these authors. I hope to see more from them in the future!

The Light Bringer is an extraordinary book that will intrigue anyone who has ever questioned the meaning of life and death. This powerful story pulled me in immediately. It is one of those books that you do not have to read a few chapters before becoming compelled to read on. 

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