Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot New Release - Enemy of the Fae

Enemy of the Fae (Caledonia Fae, Book 3)
 by India Drummond
 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon
 Urban Fantasy

Caledonia Fae: Book 3

With a young, inexperienced monarch on the Caledonian throne and traitorous plots implicating those nearest Queen Eilidh, unrest is rife in the kingdom. She must sift through the intrigues and lies to survive, all while trying to discover which of her trusted companions hates her enough to commit mass murder.

Pressures threaten to overcome the young ruler, and to protect Quinton Munro, her bonded druid, she must send him away. His journey becomes a mission when he stumbles on an ancient truth that will shake the foundations of the entire faerie realm. Confronted by infinite danger and the promise of limitless power, Munro faces the most difficult choices of his life. Will he hide the truth to preserve stability in the faerie kingdoms or embrace the promise of his true druid heritage?

One friend will die because of that truth, one friend’s betrayal will cause irreparable scars, and the once tightly-knit band of druids will learn that not all magic is benevolent.

Quotes from Reviews:

With this third book, the Caledonian Fae series is shaping up to be a classic. From the first paragraph in the first book, Blood Faerie, Drummond snared my attention. She builds a realistic Faerie world surrounding and overlapping our current world where the denizens transit back and forth.

"Enemy of the Fae" is a stand alone novel, but I highly recommend going back and reading the earlier books in the trilogy. One thing the author does amazingly well is building characters you feel you know, so the more time you can spend with them the better. Additionally, if you're like me (which is in the camp that gets their faery information handed to them from their daughter's Disney fantasies) the robust history and culture drawn out over three books is a must.

India Drummond's novels just keep getting better and better. The third in the Caledonia Fae series, Enemy of the Fae draws readers even deeper into the fae kingdom, where murder, magic, and mystery intertwine to create a story that kept me eagerly turning the pages for more. I was pleased part of the novel focuses on one of my favourite characters, Munro, as he learns more about his own mystical powers and comes to terms with his new life away from humans. Drummond's atmospheric writing brought alive the characters and world, enabling me to slip easily into the land of the fae.

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