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Free Contemporary Fantasy Kindle Books 7-6-2012

These ebooks were listed as free downloads at the time of the post. These are usually only free for a few days at most. Always double check the prices before downloading.

Vampire Love Story (#1)
by H. T. Night
3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Vampire Paranormal Romance

Book #1 in the Vampire Love Story Series

Josiah Reign is a lover and a fighter. Out for a simple jog, he happens upon a young woman who needs help. So Josiah does what he does best. He takes on her attackers...all five of them, in fact. Little does Josiah know that this one act of goodwill will introduce him to a very strange world, a world of dreams...and nightmares.

For this woman, Lena, is not who she seems, and her friends are the stuff of legends. Worse yet, Josiah finds himself falling for not one, but two of these deadly creatures of the night. And as Josiah suffers a devastating loss that rocks his world, he will fight for what he believes in. He will fight for his one true love. And fighting is what Josiah does best.

Toby Streams the Universe
by Maya Lassiter
4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Psychic Urban Fantasy

Toby Hay is a psychic living in New York City, supporting his screwed-up family using his visions to play the stock market. He also helps his private investigator best-friend with the occasional case--all while trying not to read the future of every person he meets. Such as Toby's new neighbor, a beautiful painter hiding from her violent Ex. Or Toby's psychic, sex-pot, sister, scared of her own future. Or his quirky virtual-assistant, struggling to care for her sick child. Toby wants to help them all, but his super-psychic father trained him not to interfere, lest he lose his own sanity in the process. Toby's father knew everything--he must have had good reasons for his rules. Of course, he vanished nearly a year ago...

Then a voice speaks in Toby's mind, offering a path away from the dark future predicted by the Family Histories--if only Toby will challenge what his father taught him and learn to use his visions, rather than merely control them. Now Toby must find his father, uncover the identity of the voice, and save his friends from their futures, all while figuring out how to live inside his own, increasingly strange mind.

by D.F. Marsh
4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon
YA Contemporary Fantasy

The fast one who lived in the ocean had observed many humans through her long years. Always keeping her distance, she'd witnessed the bipedal species technological evolution. She'd watched their warfare, their harvesting methods. She'd watched humans playing on boats and on beaches, laughing and crying and fishing and building; and though she had beckoned to many humans over these hundreds of years, and though her forefathers had called out to many over thousands of years, not one human had ever listened.

Until this day….

Fourteen-year old Ashton and his sister Autumn, younger by two years, should have drowned that day, a mile from the deserted windswept beach in Oregon where they gone to sail. But as they spiraled down in a whirlpool to certain death Ashton saw a bright white light, and in the blink of an eye, they were safe—rescued by something remarkable, or a fortuitous wave had ferried them right back to the beach.

The next day, as Ashton thought about that light, wondering if he'd actually seen a large luminous hand under the tiny rowboat, he heard a whisper. In bed later that night he heard that same whisper...and again whilst cycling on the coast road: "Are you human. Are you aware?"

Telepathy wasn't something Ashton new much about…he'd never suspected that he was capable of it…never gave it a thought, but... "Yes, I'm human. What do you mean "aware?"" he asked.

The voice then said, "Come, Ashton, come in the submersible."

Ashton wasn’t a submariner, or an oceanographer, or even an adventurer, he was just a mischievous teen with an uncanny telepathic ability.

But that's why he was chosen.

Now Ashton and Autumn will embark on an impossible journey… in a stolen submersible, into the deep sea, where they will find that the seafloor is not the bottom—there is a way to go deeper yet. Below the seabed, traveling through ancient tunnels, vast undersea plains and subterranean eddies, following the telepathic instructions in Ashton's mind, they will move into a world as alien as another planet… and Ashton will discover what it means to be chosen.

Now the adventure really begins…

Young Adult Literature with environmental and spiritual themes.

Better to Die a Hero
by Michael Van Dagger
4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy

Sometimes smart kids, good kids, the type of kids that you think would know better, do stupid things. Steve Pierce is an overweight eighteen-year-old with a propensity for daydreaming. His best friend Bryan, voted class clown, is gangly with a gift for mimicry. Their beautiful acquaintance Nora usually runs with the popular crowd. When Steve thinks back to the moment he and his friends held their innocent tea ceremony, when they dissolved the powder into the water, he cannot fathom why he drank it. Nora Chan was at his house earlier in the week when he’d opened the crate of antiques, an inheritance from a father he’d never met. It was in that crate they discovered the powder. Nora’s ninety-year-old grandfather identified the substance as a Chinese health remedy. Still, judging from the antique container, the contents were at least a hundred years old or older. The substance is a mystical compound and it endows them with great power. On the powder, the three take to the Bronx rooftops where they vault alleyways and delight in super strength, and enhanced reflexes. They create costumes and play at being superheroes; but really, how many crimes occur in any given neighborhood on any given night? None. And, what’s the use of being strong when there are no super villains? Still, a properly motivated superhero living in New York should be able to find a worthy adversary, and then regret it. You always remember your first super villain, provided you live.

Mind Secrets (An Urban Fantasy Novel)
by Chris Reynolds
5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Psychic Urban Fantasy/ Thriller

On the run and without his memories, Michael escapes from a man called Carter onto the unfamiliar streets of London. There, he meets a gang of teenagers with the power to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. They live in fear of ‘the cure’, a mysterious process which takes away their power and, some believe, destroys their personality. Suspecting the cure caused his memory loss, Michael goes undercover to investigate the truth behind the doctors of the cure clinic. What he discovers leads him to a conspiracy that runs to the heart of government and reveals the shocking reality of his own past.

Mind Secrets is a compelling thriller set in a contemporary world and will appeal to readers of the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness and anyone who's ever wondered what it's like to have mind powers.

My Familiar Stranger (The Order of the Black Swan)
by Victoria Danann
4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Vampire Paranormal Romance

Minutes ahead of inevitable assassination, Elora Laiken is forcibly transported to an alternate dimension similar, but not identical, to her own. She is stranded. Alone. Far from home. A stranger in a "strangish" land.

Of course a girl could suffer worse problems than having gorgeous suitors. Perhaps more importantly, in the midst of an epidemic of vampire related abductions, can she stay alive long enough to choose between an honor debt, true love, or the breathlessness of single-minded passion?

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