Monday, September 10, 2012

Free Contemporary Fantasy Kindle Books 9-10-2012

These ebooks were listed as free downloads at the time of the post. These are usually only free for a few days at most. Always double check the prices before downloading.    

Adrift (The Last Selkie Book One)
by Elizabeth A. Reeves
5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Paranormal Romance

The Last Selkie.

Twenty years ago the Gates to Faerie, protecting mankind from the Fae, failed for only a few hours.

It was enough for a selkie maiden to escape through the barrier and fall in love with a young man who was dying. Her magical nature was enough to keep him alive a little longer.

Then she vanished, leaving her husband and young daughter behind, answering the inescapable call of the sea-- a call the selkie have always answered.

Now nineteen, Meg Tanner has lost her father to a malignant brain tumor. Grieving and alone in the world, she follows the road to Newfoundland.

There she meets Devin, the Guardian of the Gateway. He tells her that her mother didn't drown, but was a selkie who slipped through the gateway twenty years earlier, when Devin's father died, leaving the weight of the gateway on a ten year old's shoulders.

Because of this, Devin feels responsible for Meg. He is also afraid that his attraction to her is purely the attraction of a mortal to a creature of Faerie.

Meanwhile, Meg keeps dreaming of Faerie-- her mother, and one of the Sidhe-- an inhumanly beautiful Fae named Omyn, who is irresistable to her, but also frightens her.

Meg's mother wants her to come to Faerie-- a one way ticket, and is weaving the seal skin that will allow her to pass through the gate and leave behind mortality forever.

Meg is forced to choose between the man she has grown to love, the fascinating Omyn who ignites her blood, and the last family she has left.

Awakened (Vampire Awakenings)
by Brenda K. Davies
4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Paranormal Romance

Traumatized by her past, and struggling to move on from it, Sera has spent the past three years of college hiding herself from the world and content to stay that way. A chance encounter with Liam shatters her sheltered world, leaving her stunned and shaken by the strange feelings and emotions he arises in her, feelings she never thought she would experience and that frighten her in their intensity. Harboring a dark and deadly secret of his own, Liam knows that he should stay away from Sera; that he will only bring her more hurt, but he is irresistibly drawn to her and unable to deny himself the pleasure that only she can bring to him. But when their pasts collide with their present, and Liam’s true nature is revealed, will their love for each other be enough, or will they be torn apart forever?

Dare to Bleed (Emily Sullivan Series)
by Mary Whitten
4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Paranormal Romance

Emily is a normal girl with a nosey mother, a deadbeat father she has never met, and a vulgar outrageous best friend. Girls start dying around her apartment, and her love life is being turned upside down. to top it all off two mysterious men have come into her life and informed her that she is the killers target. A vampire named Damon has stolen a book of spells and will do anything to force Emily to relinquish her powers. Powers she never realized she had. Emily must figure out what she is in order to save the life of her best friend before time runs out.

Oceans of Red Volume One
by Willow Cross
4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Urban Fantasy

By 2015 the streets of Los Angeles have been transformed from a thriving metropolis to a hostile world ravaged by demons bent on assimilating the human race. Standing between this total apocalypse of humanity and their chance for survival is 19 year old Remy Martin.

A warrior in her own right, trained to think on her feet and kill if the situation requires, she is flanked by her older brother and younger sister.  Together, they devise a plan to take back the streets.  Against the wishes of their father, who commands the resistance forces, they venture into unknown realms of the supernatural in a race against time with the fate of the entire world in their young hands.

Join them on their mission into darkness where death lies around every corner, it is virtually impossible to distinguish your enemies from your allies, and a single mistake could result in the annihilation of everyone you've ever known and loved.

A Case of Imagination: A Madeleine Maclin Mystery (Madeleine Maclin Series)
by Jane Tesh
3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Psychic Mystery

“On this nice July morning in Parkland, North Carolina, the office of Madeline Maclin Investigations might as well have been an Egyptian tomb: hot, dusty, and dead.” It doesn’t help that her landlord Reid Kent, does a brisk business…and briskly hits on Mac to rejoin his agency. He maintains no one will hire a former Miss Parkland as a serious PI.

Mac has been friends forever with Jerry Fairweather. Jerry claims to be psychic and is, unlike his two brothers, somewhat screwy. And he refuses to claim a share in the Fairweather fortune. But he shares some good news with Mac—his Uncle Val has died and left him a house. The two friends drive out to Celosia, a half hour away, where they discover a local beauty pageant in trouble and a house just perfect for setting up shop. A Psychic Shop. The arrival of lawyer Olivia, Jerry’s shark-like girlfriend, rouses both Mac’s interest in the mystery at the pageant and the one in her own heart.

And then comes the first murder….

A Case of Imagination is Jane Tesh’s playful first mystery, the start of a series by an author who admires Terry Pratchett, Martha Grimes, Carl Hiaasen, and P.G. Wodehouse.

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